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  1. Steven Avery

    the colophon debate with Hllgenfeld and Tischendorf - and Fabiano

    Is the three crosses note mentioned in German?
  2. Steven Avery

    Adelbert Lipsius on the CFA - 1847

    1847 - German - Robert Naumann on Tischendorf needs careful study p. 49-61 p. 225-233 p. 241-250 p. 257-264 Maybe Lipsius not Naumann? Charles Short
  3. Steven Avery

    Hermae Pastor - 1856 - Tichendorf on the Athous ms. of Simonides - linguistics that are also in Sinaiticus

    Hermae Pastor - 1856 - Tichendorf on the Athous ms. of Simonides - linguistics that are also in Sinaiticus p. 7 Visions III,1 p. 8 Mandates x.1 (not in Sinaiticus) p. 9 Visions II:4 Similitudes 8:10 (no Sin) Mandates 6:2 (no Sin)...
  4. Steven Avery

    pictures and quotes for Nov 30, 2022 discussion with James Snapp, LJ Thriepland moderating

    Three Crosses Note 1 Chronicles (duplicate), 18:15 - 19:17 / 2 Esdras, 9:9 - 9:11 ‘at the sign of the three crosses is the end of the seven leaves which are superfluous and not part of Esdras’.
  5. Steven Avery

    the Brugsch Leviticus fragmens

    Gather info here. ========================== Note also Tischendorf also spoke of the annoying notices of Brugsch and of the suspicions which thereby fell upon him (Tischendorf) file:///D:/Temp%20Download/The_Discovery_of_the_Codex_Sinaiticus_as.pdf
  6. Steven Avery

    private - Elina Dobrynina

    The copying affects Sinaiticus not Coislinianus, 45 times in the Bousset book. Uspensky would be helpful. Bishop Porphyrius (Uspensky) and his Collection Zh. Levina Ekaterina Evgenievna Gertsman, - Uspensky pages on Sinaiticus = sent email...
  7. Steven Avery

    parchment "injured by time" - centuries old parchment

    CARM Journal of Sacred Literature (1863) Miscellanies pp. 215-216 The Bible’s textual history: dubious theories and forgeries...
  8. Steven Avery

    Homestead Heritage gives ok for the jabs - "a good number who were vaccinated"

    Saturday Nov 27, 2022 Facebook Homestead Heritage Contacts Q&A Session 6:42:12 A good question from from a lady on the floor about the covid...
  9. Steven Avery

    Carlini gives more of Tischendorf contra Athous Hermas

    Antonio Carlini Costantino Simonidis e il testo del Pastore di Erma P. 2 12 Tischendorf 1856 e Tischendorf in Dressel 1863, iii-iv. Dressel retroversione Il giudizio di...
  10. Steven Avery

    discussion of apparatuses - NA27 - ECM - UBS4 - Tischendorf - Swanson et al - Laparola missing

    discussion of apparatuses - NA27 - ECM - UBS4 - Tischendorf - Swanson et al - Laparola missing Facebook - TRA Where Will You Get Your Textual Variants? (2008) Eric Sowell...
  11. Steven Avery

    Kallinikos first letter in Elliott pegs Uspensky Athos theft

    From Elliott p. 76 Simonides said this, too, as Kallinikos: Finally, coming again to the same monastery, he took also the remaining portion of the MS with the aid of the Russian Consul, on the promise that he would return it. And they both promised the Bishop of Sinai many gifts, which, in my...
  12. Steven Avery

    Sinaiticus over Vaticanus in many epistle verses - from Kirk DiVietro - textual similarities in shared blunders

    You asked for places in the epistles where Aleph wins over Vaticanus. I paged arbitrarily through the UBS 2nd Ed. and found these. there are many more. Kirk DiVietro - Sinaiticus over Vaticanus.pdf Facebook - TRA...
  13. Steven Avery


    A gentleman named David R. Smith has been studying Codex Fuldensis (it might be a couple of hundreds years later than commonly accepted) and made a salient comment:
  14. Steven Avery

    how did Tischendorf date correctors - including three crosses note

    Gregory Tischendorf thought that seven several correctors had put their pens to this book. The one he named with the letter a seemed to be of the same date as the original scribe, and at any rate of the fourth century. The corrector b was...
  15. Steven Avery

    James Asch on Donaldson linguistics Greetings, James, We are carefully reviewing the James Donaldson material. The Maximo (μαξιμω in Visions 7:4) example, which is in the first book of David Daniels, is very helpful, since it involves...
  16. Steven Avery

    Maximo in Hermas from Tischendorf to James Donaldson to David Daniels

    Codex Sinaiticus Project Codex Sinaiticus - Quire 93 - Folio 2r - Hermas 5:3 - 7:4 - BL folio: 342 scribe: B2 - Pic here. From David bottom of column 4 4 εριϲ δε μαξιμω ε̣ι δου...
  17. Steven Avery

    Dan Batovici bibliography - includes "Dating, Split-Transmission Theory"

    Experiencing the Shepherd of Hermas (2022) Batovici, Dan. “Textual Revisions of the Shepherd of Hermas in Codex Sinaiticus.” ZAC 18 (2014): 443-70. Batovici, Dan. “Two Notes on the Papyri of the Shepherd of Hermas and Its Egyptian...
  18. Steven Avery

    private - Emanuele Castelli on Sinaiticus Hermas exordium

    November 19, 2022 Greetings Professor Castelli, Steven Avery writing from Dutechess County, NY USA. And if you prefer, I can send you this post simply by the normal email, which I have as . Appreciate your writings on the Shepherd of Hermas. We are...
  19. Steven Avery

    Castelli 2020 - exordium of Hermas in Sinaiticus is not original

    Experiencing the Shepherd of Hermas (2022) A True Prophet as a Mouthpiece of the Spirit? Cultivating Virtue and Control Jung H. Choi Footnote
  20. Steven Avery

    Anton Hilhorst 1976 on Latinisms and Semiticisms in Hermas - Tischendorf and Donaldson

    Sémitismes et latinismes dans le Pasteur d'Hermas (1976) Der Hirt des Hermas, Berlin 19561, 19672 Molly Whittaker Robert Joly R. Joly, Le milieu complexe du 'Pasteur d’Herrnas’, in «Aufstieg...