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  1. Steven Avery

    LXX and Septuagint name confusions

    Facebook Damon Lee Gang Can anyone date the LXX (Septuagint) AND provide evidence of their dating? James Owens Philio wrote about it PIC John McCormick Are you...
  2. Steven Avery

    John 1:18 - overview

    John 1:18 - overview John 1:18 - only begotten Son - resources and discussion John 1:18 - Ehrman and Wallace...
  3. Steven Avery

    Then what do you propose be done to limit the spread and further deaths?

    Answering a Next-Door Question: Then what do you propose be done to limit the spread and further deaths?
  4. Steven Avery

    Facebook study forums that support free speech, including Christian perspectives

    * means confirmed Patristics for Protestants * Society for the Study of early Christianity Bible Studies Discussion List- Jim West Gospel Coalition The Bible Geek Listeners British New Testament Society Theology On the Web Nerdy Bible Background and Geography Nerdy Biblical Theology Majors...
  5. Steven Avery

    the apostle John - author of Revelation?

    the apostle John - author of Revelation? This has not been covered in PBF. Clearly the Gospel of John and the Epistles are the same author, the apostle John. Revelation, which is properly dated to before 70 AD, should be the same author, and has connections with the heavenly witnesses and...
  6. Steven Avery

    Gavin Basil McGrath - textual and grammar

    Brought over from Gavin to Facebook, now here. Facebook - Gavin Basil McGrath
  7. Steven Avery

    early evidences for omission - earthly witnesses without heavenly

    WIP Facebook - Textus Receptus Academy - question from Luke Carpenter Facebook - Pure Bible Origen (253) Clement of...
  8. Steven Avery

    Revisiting the Date of Codex Sinaiticus - Brent Nongbri

    Zwinglius Redividus A Zoom Session on Sinaiticus Wednesday, July 1, 10am CET, TeTra Seminar paper on Zoom: Brent Nongbri (MF Norwegian School of Theology) "Revisiting the Date of Codex Sinaiticus" If you'd like to...
  9. Steven Avery

    English scholar list - 1700s and 1800s

    BCEME - p. 127 38 Patrick 1675; Howard 1700; Howell 1711; Boys 1716; Calamy 1722; Atkinson 1726; Wesley 1775, repr. 1776, 1783, 1784, 1789, 1792, 1803, 1805, 1812, 1813, 1816 and in further collected volumes; Burder 1805, repr. in collected volumes; Swift’s sermon, analysed in the following...
  10. Steven Avery

    Dutch scholarship - 1600s

    Notes here with information from: Dirk van Miert, author of: The Emancipation of Biblical Philology in the Dutch Republic, 1590-1670, Oxford 2018 Book is up to 1670, so not with Haak, Wittichius, Trigland, Nolet States Translation Grotius Joseph Scaliger, Franciscus Gomarus, Daniel...
  11. Steven Avery

    German scholar list

    BCEME - p. 129 Grantley gives special attention Gerhard Johann Heinrich Reitz Löscher (Biblia pentapla (1710–1712) Bartholomäus Kannegiesser Michaelis Semler Knittel Hezel Griesbach Example of Grantley spin:
  12. Steven Avery

    Max Engammare - John Calvin’s use of Erasmus

    Max Engammare (b. 1963) John Calvin’s use of Erasmus (2017) Max Engammare
  13. Steven Avery

    Grantley McDonald - overview

    June 21, 2020 WIP Raising the Ghost of Arius - the superb, the good, the bad and the ugly. Why do we care? From Grantley's view it is a simple matter of philology contra 'theology'. From our view the beautiful pure and majestic Bible, and the key verse in the battle of the Bible, has been...
  14. Steven Avery

    Grantley McDonald - Reviews

    Jean-Louis Quantin Biblical Criticism in Early Modern Europe: Erasmus, the Johannine Comma and Trinitarian Debate (2018) Erudition and the Republic of Letters Volume 3 Issue 4
  15. Steven Avery

    Grantley McDonald - Theory of Fabrication, Margin and Interpolation

    This is the major hidden link in the writing of Grantley, and contras in general. Facebook Pure Bible
  16. Steven Avery

    Friedrich Ernst Kettner – many reasons theorized for omission, Vulgate Prologue flip

    Friedrich Ernst Kettner (1671-1722) Sabellian reason (mentioned by Porson) Reasons Porson references...
  17. Steven Avery

    Arthur Cleveland Coxe on Tertullian, Cyprian and the Treatise on Rebaptism

    Arthur Cleveland Coxe supports three Ante-Nicene references Tertullian Cyprian Treatise on Rebaptism And Coxe gives a solid reference to Johannes Ernest Grabe, Appendix - "Notes on Bishop Bull" Planned for improvement - italics and perhaps more background ==================== Facebook...
  18. Steven Avery

    Erasmus and Lorenzo Valla

    What Tree is This?: In Praise of Europe’s Renaissance Printers, Publishers and Philologists.....................39-82 Chaninah Maschler (1931-2014) Here is an extract that helps give a sense of Erasmus and...
  19. Steven Avery

    Grantley McDonald - Raising the Ghost of Arius - All Threads

    Grantley McDonald - Raising the Ghost of Arius - All Threads Pure Bible Forum Grantley McDonald - FORUM Facebook Grantley's Material BVDB Contras
  20. Steven Avery

    Grantley McDonald - Raising the Ghost of Arius - errata

    Grantley McDonald - Raising the Ghost of Arius - errata This thread will concentrate ONLY on errata in Raising the Ghost of Arius (RGA) and the book Biblical Criticism in Early Modern Europe. (BCEME) Grantley McDonald has not shown interest in publishing an errata, not even a simple internet...