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  1. Steven Avery

    the rise and fall of lectio brevior

    Two new resources. Evangelical Textual Criticism - 2005 BVDB
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    Nextdoor - Dutchess County Dashboard

    All the above was deleted from Nextdoor This is from the restart
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    Nextdoor - sanitizer

    Three more helpful articles: Medical journals suggest methanol can also cause significant health problems when applied to the skin or if its fumes are inhaled.
  4. Steven Avery

    Synod of Sardica - 343 AD

    Greek text Theodorot of Cyrus - History 2.7...
  5. Steven Avery

    Tischendorf claims he had a Vaticanus facsimile

    1871 Sinaibibel book from Tischendorf references Vaticanus facsimile Die Sinaibibel: ihre Entdeckung, Herausgabe und Erwerbung (1871) Tischendorf
  6. Steven Avery

    Maurice Robinson on the grammar of 1 Timothy 3:16

    BVDB From May, 2011, on a defunct forum. It would help if further inquiry were made on such points before making blanket suggestions. In fact, the relative pronoun *can* introduce a series of clauses...
  7. Steven Avery

    the two Germans in Cairo helping Tischendorf - where is that copy today?

    The Discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus as reported in the personal letters of Konstantin Tischendorf Michael Featherstone Note: these are often...
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    one way to steal manuscripts - pack them with the sausage

    One way to get past customs:
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    the two Germans in Cairo helping Tischendorf - where is that copy today?

    Hort says that the Tischendorf facsimiles were prepared from the Cairo copy done by "Coptic scribes". He says that these copies were used for the printed editions of Tischendorf, rather than the actual manuscript. Schaaf has something similar, but only from the mouth of Tischendorf, he does...
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    outdoor fresh air - the #1 curative

    Stephen Mihm writes on outdoor movement to counter tuberculosis
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    contact tracing

  12. Steven Avery

    Jeff Riddle review

    This was discussed a bit on:
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    Jeff Riddle review

    Note with the Feb preview article put in Comments:
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    Jeff Riddle review

    Three factual points. ================================= ================================ Pure Bible Forum Jeff Riddle Review
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    Jeff Riddle review

    Jeff Riddle Monday, August 03, 2020 Book Review Posted: Grantley McDonald, Biblical Criticism in Early Modern Europe: Erasmus, the Johannine Comma, and Trinitarian Debate I have posted my book review of Grantley...
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    Again, lots of debunkers of the general connection.
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    James Todaro
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    The attempted shill debunking attempt was humourous, and includes: Read that carefully. They are saying that the way masks are normally used/misused can be bad for you. Meaning... fainting, pleruisy and other diseases.
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    from Twitter, the tip of the iceberg