Cyprian allegory - absurdities of interpolation theory

Steven Avery


1) Cyprian has to weave an unlikely, basically impossible, allegory.
2) Another unknown individual has to create the beautiful, majestic heavenly witnesses verse by working with the Cyprian allegory. And he even changes Son to Word, perhaps to emulate John?
3) Oh, in that creation, he has to add the earthly element to the previous spirit-water-blood aspect.
4) Which he balances in pralellism with his beautiful heavenly witnesses, which he also invents.
5) Then he pushes all this into the margin as a Bible note.
6) Then the margin note jumps into the text by another scribal confusion.
7) Then the scribes around town, and over the dale, accept this brand new Latin interpolation verse!
All of this was totally missed by the early church writers!
Overall, we have to compare authenticity and various accident-forgery scenarios. If we do this sincerely and honestly, in Ockham style, we can say that the answer is clear -- AUTHENTIC!
100% Johannine scripture.

Steven Avery

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The context here is the James Snapp attempt.
"James Snapp struggles against the heavenly witnesses"

Most contras do not really give a cohesive theory of interpolation.

Before Cyprian?
By Cyprian?
Contra Arian in the 4th century?
Arian in the 4th century ? (Grotius, Bugenhagen)

They like to keep it vague so that the improbabilities can be ignored.

In any real discussion this would be a prime consideration.
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