dependencies of Sinaiticus on Alexandrinus - finds courtesy of Ken Penner

Steven Avery

Sinaiticus Corrector Cb2 as a Witness to the Alexandrian Text of Isaiah (2012)
Ken M. Penner



"The same omission due to haplography"

"The agreement between Alexandrinus and corrector Scb2 in these two comparisons is remarkable, given that Scb2 is one of only four attestations to its reading. This specific agreement indicates a possible genetic connection. Therefore it would be helpful to examine the agreement between Scb2 and other manuscripts."


Isaiah, 36:15 - 37:19 library: BL folio: 56 scribe: B, overwriting by corrector d

Isaiah, 45:22 - 47:10 library: BL folio: 60b scribe: B, overwriting by corrector d
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