Knowing God by Name

Steven Avery

Yahweh is the devil entity Jupiter, so there is no joy in running through this book.

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Description of their name preference

The key section is Part Three, chapters 7 and 8, which theme is Yahweh-worship.

Chapter Seven
The Adult Stage of Spiritual Knowledge
p. 179-219

p. 193
Rediscovering Ancient Yahweh Worship

p,. 197
The name of Yahweh was, then, to become the key to everything. This name, as seen, so perfectly expressed and evoked this God that it was spoken of as even standing in His place. 33 Therefore to blaspheme the name would be to blaspheme God himself. 34

p. 200
The unveiling of the "Divine Proper Name" was, then, a stupendous and unprecedented in the condescension of the Elohim of transcendence into the immanent world of human beings.

p. 204
So only with Moses did Yahweh begin to make Himself known as He is. ... With this new revelation of Himself through this Divine name. the Highest Elohim began unveiling Himself to his people.

p. 205
Yahweh's name in itself declared Him to be the self-existent One.

p. 208
Yahweh would 'become whatever" he would become" ... (continues)

p. 213
the transcendent Elohim had declared to Moses that Yahweh is his proper name ... (continues)

p. 215
the name of Yahweh must be seen as bound to the very "substance" of his Being.

p. 216
"a name is an instrument or teaching and of distinguishing natures" 101 (continues)

p. 217
So Yahweh is the name through which God relates himself personally is His essential nature to a people ... the covenant name.

p. 219
they may change Jehovah in quotes.

Chapter Eight p. 220-258
A New Name
The Unfolding Revelation of God as Yahweh
Yahweh's Revealing of Himself
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