Nextdoor - censoring reports of jab injuries and deaths

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c. Oct 10, 2021
Jean Lyons


Oct 12, 2021


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My heart goes out to Grace on the loss of her husband.

And I think her request that therefore the jabs, which have caused terrible harms, and can be simply an invasive poisoning, should be mandatory, is mistaken. And I ask Grace herself to reconsider. There is an immense media-govt-tech-pharma$$$ propaganda campaign at work, so it is easy for people to come to questionable conclusions. "safe and effective" .. nope.

Beyond that, two other ladies on this thread reported direct numerous health tragedies among people they know. Jean Lyons and Dawn Vaillencourt. They also made note of the woman's issues that seem to be a prevalent "adverse effect". This is heavy-duty stuff.

Since those reports were about the jabs, they were not given note, sympathy, or tears from the rest of the community here.

Btw, this is a proper place for the discussion. The goal is NOT to hijack many threads, but simply to listen to our neighbors, and learn.

My heart goes out to them as well, and their families and friends who have suffered from the jabs.


Steven Avery


Many people passed away in nursing homes precisely because of the fact that the treatments led to iatrogenic passings.

Over-use of sedatives, quick ventilators, isolation from loved ones and other problems, no healthy outdoors air, no ability to use treatments with a good success ratio, as they were banned.

It was said that there was a nursing aide who killed everybody because their mask was off. Who is the source of that information?

Personally, I do not see that as a possible scenario. You may, but then the source is important.

How old were those deceased? What co-morbidities? Was this all based on the worthless PCR test?

This article says the nursing home numbers given were totally unreliable, including the Baptist nursing home apparently in the period discussed in the OP.

The OP was used for a tyranny purpose, to try to force poisons into the bodies of children and grown-ups. Surely such does not get a free pass.

When the two or three ladies spoke of all the death and damage of friends from jabs, there was a thunderous silence from our other posters who are pro-jab.

Let us try at least to be consistent.


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