Steven Avery

May 28, 2021

We would like a newbie to start in an order something like this:

Dev-Site - one in India, avoid dueling updates, we may get their upgrade or simply lock them
Annoyances & Tweaks - build rapport and see how we coordinate. Small, important jobs from Scott, largely customer experience
Project 1: New 3-column pricing for all products - see below
Project 2: full blown coordination of Payment Processing, hopefully keeping the plug-in
Avalara Sales Tax - Install and Discuss - Within first days
Administration, Security, Upgrades, Server Logs, Wordfence (and/or Securi) - If you like to handle all this

Backups and Disk Space - Updraft - Steven is watching, any suggestions welcome

WooCommerce recently took from 4.7 to 5.5 on their own, that was strange, why? fortunately nothing seemed to break.

Two important auxiliary plug-ins (that could have broken, they warned us)
Twilio - wonderfully sends out new order info to text, e.g. even my Talkatone account
HubSpot - CRM - is this the one we should use, if so, we might want stronger integration

Liquid Web is our Host - good support, telephone, you will have full access
Yes, we could change, but right now, they have been good.

Review :

The7 Theme

(your opinion compared to A, B, C)
We understand, developers often have their fav!

For Review: Two major Plug-ins, Dforth - Look at Code (I will get exact name and make notes on other plug-ins)
Pricing - working fine
Payment Processing - will coordinate with the 3 columns upgrade Project. -
Also involves all our merchant Processing connections and decisions.

Steven and Scott can review the 28 plug-ins. Many are inactive.

We have some extra code in the Theme to allow us to set the minimum order $, you can see that on the Dashboard. Alternatively that could have been a plug-in.

Do we have a quick "Maintenance, Call for Sales"

Sales Tax - Avalara
You can install, and watch, and suggest, however we hope to handle many details with Avalara

Test-Dev Environment



We just reduced disk space from 93% to 25% with Liquid Web help

Shopify Long-range Alternative - your thoughts?


Scott will document other Annoyances and Tweaks

Example: we seemed to glitch on the famous customer email confirmation.
1) do we have a good mail server plugin - our understanding is that is needed for solid function
2) can we test and troubleshoot
3) GSuite (Workplace) can be funny how one email addy is both personal and Gsuite
We have an official account

Scott will document others.


PROJECT ONE: Show 3 columns of pricing at all product spots.
Allow the decision of 1-2-3 to be flexible, at a data spot
Nice external control of % extra for column 2-3
Some niceties, e.g. about a certain $, the Credit Card will say N/!

If you want to show 3 prices for every item .. one for cash/check, one for credit card, one for e.g. Bitcoin .. In separate columns (each column has its own tiers, which is working fine for the one column).

Plus you want the option to show 1-2-3 columns. And you put the special % uptick in one data spot for the higher prices.


Is this in a Theme (we have The7)
Or is this in a Plug-in ?
Or do you do some coding?


We need a skilled trouble-shooter for questions like this

**** .. who then becomes an all-purpose support guy. ****

NOTE: every item needs this triple pricing, NOT just at check-out time. A gold bar might be $10,000 and we want to show that the credit card price would be 10,350, if we have that column set to 3.5%. While the bitcoin price might be 2.5%.

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