superb resources for Hermas (and Barnabas) linguistics

Steven Avery

Two or three PBF urls are currently in a private section

James Donaldson
the James Donaldson linguistic argument that Barnabas and Hermas are not 4th century

Anton Hilhorst
Sémitismes et latinismes dans le Pasteur d'Hermas (1976)

Martin Leutzsch - may be best collation source
Papiasfragmente: Hirt des Hermas (Schriften des Urchristentums, Band 3) Körtner, Ulrich H - (1998)
Boston College,
Princeton Ithaca

Rob Heaton - charts of papyri and Sinaiticus section in Hermas
PBF page





Joseph Verheyden

Hermas - Visions - Commandments - Mandates - sections in 1859 Simoneidos, and New Finds
Hermas has a dual referencing system, it can either be numbered as one book of 114 chapters or as:
visions (five)
mandates or commandments (twelve)
similitudes, or parables. (ten)
The textexcavation site of ben smith is very helpful with the layout.
The shepherd of hermas

Paul Cecconi
"and to a reconsideration of the value of other sources like the Codex Sinaiticus, whose text was followed by the majority of the editions of the Shepherd."
"crossed textual tradition"

Dating, Split-Transmission Theory, and the Latin Reception of the Shepherd of Hermas
Dan Batovici

David W. Daniels

James Donaldson - Hermas latinisms and later Greek words in the David Daniels book

Kirk DiVeitro

Pure Bible Forum


Papyrus for Maximo

Brent Nongbri

See under P.Bodmer XXIX
P.Bodmer XXIX, part of the Bodmer Codex of Visions, P.Bodmer XXXVIII+XXIX+XXX+XXXI+XXXII+XXXIII+XXXIV+XXXV+XXXVI+XXXVII (PB D, images here)
A single-quire papyrus codex containing the Shepherd of Hermas, the Vision of Dorotheos, and a series of other poetic works. The pieces were published between 1984 and 1999. The volume on Hermas published in 1991 contains the most accurate description of the make-up of the codex (superseding the discussion in the 1984 volume).
André Hurst, Olivier Reverdin, and Jean Rudhardt, Papyrus Bodmer XXIX. Vision de Dorothéos. (Cologny-Genève, Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, 1984)
Antonio Carlini and Luigi Giaccone, Papyrus Bodmer XXXVIII. Erma: Il Pastore (Ia –IIIa visione) (Cologny-Genève, Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, 1991)
André Hurst and Jean Rudhardt, Papyri Bodmer XXX-XXXVII. «Codex des Visions», Poèmes divers (München K. G. Saur, 1999)
LDAB: 1106


Codex Sinaiticus Project
(this is the Maximo page)

Athous Simonides Anger-Dindorf text - 1855-1856
Hermae pastor: Graece primum ediderunt et interpretationem veterum latinam (1856) 116 pages
Anger - Dindorf (original Simoindes edition)
Hathi Trust

Athous Simonides-Tischendorf text - 1856
Hermas Pastor Graece ex fragmentis Lipsiensibus instituta quaestione de vero Graeci textus Lipsiensis font (1856) - 66 pages


Barnabas - Codex Hierosolymitanus
Barnabas after Donaldson - true Greek of Codex Hierosolymitanus from Bryennios compared to latinized Sinaiticus
Rather late, but still can be seen as a true Greek


Michele Bandini reviews Leutzsch collation bookörtner_u_M_Leutzsch_Darmstadt_1998
Also sent by Bandini to me.

English text

Apostolic Fathers,vol. 2 (Ehrman,LCL25)
Bart Ehrman
nice papyri list section to complement Hilhorst
Stanley Porter on Tischendorf
"It is unfortunate that the Simonides affair has apparently been lost sight of in recent discussion of the Shepherd of Hernias (e.g. there is no mention of the affair, nor of Tischendorf's involvement in it, in the introduction by Bart Ehrman in the latest Loeb edition, The Apostolic Fathers, II
(Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2003], 162-73).

The Apostolic Fathers: Greek
Michael W. Holmes

"In sum, Hermas seeks to affirm God’s mercy while attempting to maintain a strict moralism (Snyder 1992). "
2. Gravdon F. Snyder, “Hermas’The Shepherd," in Anchor Bible Dictionary, ed. David Noel Freedman (New York: Doubleday, 1992),3:148.



Emanuele Castelli Ted Erho
Massimo Villa

2014 edition of Christian Tornau and Paolo Cecconi for V (P should follow).
Worldcat in Pleasantville and Valhalla and NYC
The Shepherd of Hermas in Latin : Critical Edition of the Oldest Translation Vulgata


various other Hermas scholars

Hellholm, Nils David Theodor (b. 1941) from Blomkvist
Emanuel Castelli


Wilhelm Bousset is used for Coislinianus project
And relates to the Revelation Andreas precursor theory.
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