the Glossa Ordinaria on the Vulgate Prologue

Steven Avery

Witness of God has material related to Bede

Then Bede's commentary is transcribed from Rusch Strasbourg: Rusch, (1400-1481 AD)
Then Bede's commentary is also transcribed from: MS Balliol 177 (12th century)
And there is an extended comment about this MSS as being an authentic comment of Bede's.
I also note if Jerome's Prologue is in the MSS for each one.


This is also direct in Burgess

The Quarterly Reviewer convinced Bishop Burgess, that the preface to the Glossa Ordinaria, which directs the Latin to be corrected by the Greek, was not written by Walafrid Strabus in the 9th century, but certainly after the twelfth, and that the commentary on the Prologue to the Canonical Epistles, which the learned prelate had also quoted as the work of Strabus, was written by one Brito, a monk of the 14th century.
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