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    Early Church Writers (ECW) usages of 1 Timothy 3:16

    Hi Brian, Nice! and Neat! In one new section I am giving each church writer a page. ECW - Greek and Latin and Versional First, I am emphasizing those not on your list (some will be in favor of the...
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    Clement of Rome

    2nd Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (1922) Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge - SPCK - Editorial Secretary did the translation John Mawer
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    Apostolic Constitutions

    Burgon allusive reference ..
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    Apostolic Constitutions

    Christian Observer (1809-10) - JTH or Joseph Jowett Panoplist - Review of Griesbach (1812)
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    John Cassian

    Ebenezer Henderson
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    John Cassian

    John Berriman
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    John Cassian

    John Cassian John Cassian, also known as John the Ascetic and John Cassian the Roman (Latin: Ioannes Eremita Cassianus, Ioannus Cassianus, or Ioannes Massiliensis;[2] c. AD 360 – c. 435), John Cassian
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    major concerns

    TOP MICROBIOLOGIST WARNS IF YOU DARE TAKE THE 2ND COVID SHOT, "GOD HELP YOU" Photographic Evidence of Cellular Damage Caused by the COVID Vaccine - Dr. Ryan Cole The...
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    James Price blunders on supposed emendations in the Masoretic Text by the AV
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    Epiphanius, Deacon of Catania (787) - At the 2nd Nicene Council (Epiphanius the Deacon) - Deus manifestatus est in carne."

    Included by Brian Ebenezer Henderson "Deus manifestatus est in carne." Some people mistakenly told Berriman this phrase was in Jerome. The History of the Works of the Learned ...: Containing Impartial Accounts and Accurate Abstracts of...
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    "deus manifestatus est in carne" Cornwall Burgon
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    Epiphanius of Salamis

    Epiphanius of Salamis - (310-320-403) The Text of the Apostolos in Epiphanius of Salamis (2004) by Carroll D. Osburn Velthusen says Wettstein uses a passage from Epiphanius...
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    Origen has an allusion to the verse, but not to the first phrase. Lardner Ben David Samuel Davidson Burgon...
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    William Magee (archbishop of Dublin) (1766-1831) Discourses and Dissertations on the Scriptural Doctrines of Atonement (1830) William Magee The works of the most...
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    I have a good account with you, I even take the special no interest bonuses, but last month I accidentally was 2 days late, and got hit with a huge fee Mon Oct 18 2021 at 5:57:20 pm...