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Steven Avery

K. Simonidous the doctor and knight consort, published by Kallinikos Hieromonachus of Thessalonica ... Second expanded edition. [Facsimiles of various inscriptions and manuscript fragments, with commentary.]

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Steven Avery

Αὐτογραφα του διδακτορος και ἱπποτου Κωνσταντινου λ. φ. Σιμωνιδου ἐξαχθεντα ἐξ ἐπιστολων και ἑτερων αὐτου ἐγγραφων ... ἁπερ και ἐκδιδονται αὐτογραφιᾳ ὐπο Καλλινικου Ἱερομοναχου, etc..


Autographs of the doctor and knight Konstantinos L. f. Simonidos extracted from his letters and other documents ... and are published as autographs of Kallinikos Hieromonachs, etc.. (1853)


Steven Avery

Σπουδαιον ὑπομνημα περι τε των ἑξ και ὀγδοηκοντα ἀπογραφων των ποιμενικων γραφων του ἀποστολικου πατρος Ἑρμα ... [and other manuscripts which Simonides professed to have discovered] και περι των μονων ἐν αἱς ὑπηρχον ἀποτεθησαυρισμενα, etc.
Constantine SIMONIDES
ἐν Μοσχᾳ, ͵αωʹνʹγʹ |[1853]

Study note about the sixteen and eightieth transcripts of the pastoral writings of the apostolic father Hermas ... [and other manuscripts which Simonides professed to have discovered] and about the ones in the extant archives, etc.