Alphabet of Sinaiticus


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I'm going slightly from memory here. But the thought occurred to me:

Why does the sinaiticus not use the standard greek alphabet?

In particular instead of a greek Σ, there is a Cyrillic С.

I remember some of the other characters seemed unusual.

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We will do some checking, a key question is what manuscripts like Vaticanus and Alexandrinus have for the Sigma.

Kirk is very strong on that stuff, and we just did some zeta study, where the Cyrillic zeta and ksi (Xi) are also a Slavonic Greek of perhaps the 7th century on. However, these specific letters were often in overwriting and not ascribed to the first hand, even though it included Isaiah section numbers which were not overwriting. Most of that should be in our pages here, fairly easy to search.

Feel free to come up with more.
We have deep appreciation.

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It appears to be called a lunate sigma.

This is literal lunar C.

From what I've seen of the vaticanus some of it's cursive and some capitals.

btw vaticanus means old woman of prophecy.

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Here is P39, from the early centuries, Kirk says it seems to have a similar sigma.