Barnabas of Simonides - Star of the East 1843 Review

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Gennadius Library - Star of the East newspaper in Smyrna

The preliminaries to this are given in the timeline page, briefly:


James Donaldson referenced the 1843 'Sinaitic' Greek Barnabas of Simonides
(He also shows that the text must be later than 400s for the Simonides and Sinaiticus Barnabas)

Athenaeum claimed the Barnabas was later and that Simonides had forged the 1843 supporting review, and the publication did not even exist.

German scholars accept Athenaeum hand-wave

Chris Pinto research refutes Athenaeum claim


We have resources on the BCHF forum, which can be mirrored here.

There may be more from translation already done and in the email archive.

And we can check with Chris Pinto if he has more info.


Also very important is the text of the Preface of the 1843 Barnabas (this is before the linguistic and 'Sinaitic' issues with the text).


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Steven Avery

Star of the East - 1843 Barnabas

Taken from BCHF where the pics were placed and there was a fair amount of discussion:

Sinaiticus - Hermas, Barnabas linguistic, history anomalies
James Donaldson on Barnabas 1843, linguistics


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