BVDB - postings in late 2020

Steven Avery

After a month or two, BVDB booted me, however I had plenty of time to have fun, study some issues and show that my desire for real discussion, and understanding of the issues, is way above that of their posters.

Here I will look at their postings starting about the last quarter of 2020.

Steven Avery

James Donaldson and Latinization in the Sinaiticus Barnabas and Hermas

Oct 25, a totally incoherent post from Matt13weedhacker, who tries to apply a Sinaiticus linguistic discussion to the heavenly witnesses. :)

The obvious, escapes his notice, i.e. that Donaldson is not talking the Epistles of John!
Barnabas is not John (i.e. his Epistles specifically), and John is not Barnabas. How hard is that to understand?

If the other posters were honest, they would have corrected Matt.