disinformation smear on ETC

Steven Avery


Hi Tony,

YouTube accounts are linked to Gmail addies, my main one is purebible@gmail.com . Lots of bluegrass gospel, Christian stuff (Theodore Letis, Ron Wyatt and much more), definitely some “conspiracy theory” like shamdemic, moon landing, JFK. No smut. No deletions. And I do have versions of Sultan of Swing, since the lyrics are hilarious!

Couple of hundred, many never accessed except “subscribe”.

We have either a person confused or a clumsy disinformation campaign.

And could an auxiliary Gmail be hacked? Unlikely. Tony did not tell us the account.

So please share away. Details. Public is fine.

Or even on my Facebook wall. https://www.facebook.com/steven.avery.7568/ Or the Pure Bible group.

This is all nonsense, so we might as well be transparent.


Steven Avery
Dutchess County, NY USA

Steven Avery

This was the smear

Anonymous 5/22/2021 4:42 am
A couple years back I ran into some interesting comments by Steven Avery (pure Bible) on Youtube and Facebook. Being a kjv only Bible believer I was impressed by his knowledge about the subject. At the time I was offered an opportunity to become an assistant pastor at my Church and thought it was a good idea to sharpen up on my Bible knowledge.

To make a long story short I was searching through his youtube page and his subscription list one day to try and see if he was subscribed to any good king James Bible channels that I could check out. Turns out it was full of conspiracy sites and smut. Many of the channels were just half naked girls and worse.

I'm sorry to bring this up but I ran into this site not too long ago and saw him posting comments. And today I saw many more of them. Some are even very spiritual and religious sounding! So I checked his youtube channel again hoping that he maybe repented and moved on from this perversion. But many of the same type of channels are still on there. I wanted to contact him personally today but was told by a friend and my pastor not to, because he had a bad reputation for retaliation and since he had these filthy channels in public view on his youtube it was already a public matter, instead of the more private circumstances in Matt 18. So I feel responsible to warn the brethren that may not be aware of this.

FWIW Tony T.


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Steven Avery

My suggestion, please take down the post from Anonymous (Tony T.) Just a blight on the forum.



btw, on my Youtube vids, I do recommend Danser Encore, many versions. An anthem of liberty from France, through Europe, and Quebec, in these times of pharma-fascism. Wonderful music from Flash Mobs! :)