Four Bibles that Changed Our World - Elijah Hixson and Timothy Berg

Steven Avery

Reading through, NOTHING "brazen" about this from Erasmus:

“The complete New Testament, carefully revised and corrected”

My suggestion, read the section by Basil E. Hall (1914-1995) in the book Humanists and Protestants, 1500-1900, published 1990.
"Cardinal Jimenez de Cisneros and the Complutensian Bible."


"Jerome himself did not revise the whole Bible, but he was responsible for the four Gospels and many books of the Old Testament."

This is a popular *** theory *** today, that Jerome only did the NT Gospels, but it really has very little evidence. And Jerome himself said multiple times that he translated the whole NT, and even referenced one of his Romans verses. I cover all this on the PureBibleForum.

Timothy does not answer, except a vague diversion:

"Erasmus himself consistently maintained that the Vulgate was not the work of Jerome. But then, what did that ignoramus know - am I right?"

Without any quote from Erasmus.
Now he wants to take the view that Jerome did not write the Vulgate, against your own paper.


"Smith protested that even after he and Bilson had finished, Bancroft made 14 more changes which the translators had not approved."

Please, check your scholarship. There is NO first-person writing from Miles Smith that supports this claim.

The claim was made decades later, 2nd or 3rd person on a telephone chain. This was an era when there was a goal to get appropriations from the Long Congress to make a new Version.

Ask the Tyndale House scholars, who have easy access to material from 1611-1625 to try to find Miles Smith (1554-1624) saying anything along this line.

Very sloppy.

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