James Price blunders on supposed emendations in the Masoretic Text by the AV

Steven Avery

That is an absurd definition. Only a textual imbecile would take false definitions to accuse the Authorized Version of conjectural emendations on well-supported Masoretic Text entries.

King James Onlyism: A New Sect
James Price


Steven Avery

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Dr. James D. Price clearly and honestly presented his definition of emendation as a sound, proper, scholarly response to actual KJV-only claims.

Here is an example of his ongoing blunders and confusion, still on his web site.

Joshua 21:36-37 (AV)
And out of the tribe of Reuben,
Bezer with her suburbs,
and Jahazah with her suburbs,
Kedemoth with her suburbs,
and Mephaath with her suburbs; four cities.

A Response to D.A. Waite's criticism of the New King James Version (1995)
James D. Price

Joshua 21:36-37—The MT omits the verses, as does the Tgm. However, the King James Version added the verses because they are contained in three ancient versions, LXX, Vgt., and Syr.; and the inclusion of the verses is supported by the parallel passage in I Chronicles 6:63-64. The MT evidently lost these verses by scribal omission. The text was restored from the ancient versions.

In all there are 144 similar places where the KJV translators wrongfully followed some textual authority other than the Jacob ben Chayyim text13 In all these places the NKJV corrected the KJV to bring it into conformity with the readings of the Jacob ben Chayyim Masoretic text.