Jesus in the Talmud - Toldet Yeshu

Steven Avery

Robert Travers Herford (1860-1950)

George Robert Stow Mead - (1863-1933)

Bernhard Pick (1842-1917)

Heinrich Laible fl. 1891-1920

Hermann Leberecht Strack (6 May 1848 – 5 October 1922) was a German Protestant theologian and orientalist;

Daniel Boyarin (b. 1946)

Gustaf Hermann Dalman (1855-1941)

Professor Catherine Hezser

Dan Jaffe (b. 1970)

Craig Alan Evans (b. 1952)

Peter Schäfer (b. 1943)äfer


Jesus in the Talmud


Patristics for Protestants

Historicist Bias With Respect to the Jewish Reports About Jesus


Jesus Christ in the Talmud, Midrash, Zohar, and the liturgy of the synagogue (1893)
Gustaf Dalman (combines Dalman and Laible per Evans) translated by A. W. Streane

Christianity in Talmud and Midrash - (1903)
Robert Travers Herford - abridged

Princeton Theological Review (1906)
Review of Herford book
It should be added that, according to a note on page 35, the author professes to have done no more in the section relating to Jesus, than to rearrange the material and modify some of the conclusions of Laible’s work, Jesus Christus im Talmud (1871) ? 1891?

Did Jesus live 100 B.C.? : an enquiry into the Talmud Jesus stories, the Toldoth Jeschu, and some curious statements of Epiphanius--being a contribution to the study of Christian origins (1903)
George Robert Stow Mead

Jesus in Non-Christian Sources (1993)
Craig A. Evans
The volumes by Dalman and Laible have been combined and translated as Jesus Christ in the Talmud, Midrash, Zohar, and the Liturgy of the Synagogue (trans. A. W. Streane, with contributions by B. H. Streeter; Cambridge: Deighton, Bell, 1893; 2nd ed., 1900; repro New York: Arno, 1973).

Jesus in the Talmud (2009)
Peter Schäfer

The Virgin Birth of Jesus in the Talmudic Context (2013)
A Philological and Historical Analysis
Dan Jaffe



Jesus Christus im Thalmud (1891)
Mit einem Anhang: die thalmudischen Texte,
mitgeteilt von Gustaf Dalman.
Heinrich Laible (1900)
1901 review

Jesus, die Häretiker und die Christen : nach den ältesten jüdischen Angaben / Texte, Übersetzung und Erläuterungen (1910)
by Hermann L. Strack.


Justin Martyr - Dialogue with Tryphon

Dialogue between Jason and Papiscos on Jesus, (lost)

Commentary on John
Contra Celsum

Tertullian - (2nd century? per Jaffe)

Epiphanius - Adversus Haereses III, 78, 7,


Ascension of Isaiah

Protevangelium of James 11:2-3

Odes of Solomon 19:6,

Gospel of Bartholomew 2:20

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Jewish foreknowledge of the virgin birth - the closed mem of Isaiah 9

God, the Rabbis and the Virgin Birth (2018-recent edition)
Daniel Gruber

The Insight of Unbelievers: Nicholas of Lyra and Christian Reading of Jewish Text in the Later Middle Ages (2008)
Deeana Copeland Klepper
p. 99


The Mystery Of The Closed Mem
Daniel Botkin

An Accidental Typo in the Bible – or a Clue About Messiah?
January 7, 2019

The Closed 'Mem' (Womb) of the Virgin
John David Pitcher Jr., MD

Explaining the Mystery of the Closed Mem
Jerry Healan
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Christopher de Hamel

p. 487 highlights OCR
Another forgery of the same momentous year attempted to debunk Christianity from a supposed manuscript source: the Wichtige historische Enthullungen uber die wiridiche Todesart Jesu, Leipzig, 1859,
Wichtige, Historische Enthüllungen über Die Wirkliche Todesart Jesu. Sechste Auflage
went through at least six editions, claiming to publish an ancient manuscript found in a cave in Alexandria showing that the Resurrection was a hoax perpetrated by the Essenes; it was later shown to derive from a novel published in 1800 (Freeman, Bibliotheca Fictiva, pp. 354-5, nos. 1387-9).