Matthew 19:9 - Erasmus - Joseph Webb, Leslie McFall critique

Steven Avery

Those against Erasmus on the verse

Leslie McFall

Timothy Sparks on Leslie McFall
April 15, 2015 · 1:48 pm
Explaining the Translation of Mt. 19:9 by Dr. Leslie McFall
Dr. McFall granted permission to make the following 11 pages available from his e-book:
APPENDIX B, abstracted from his e‑book (11 august, 2014): AN EXPLANATION FOR THE AUTHOR’S LITERAL TRANSLATION OF MATTHEW 19:9

The Biblical Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage - Erasmus and Divorce in Matthew 19:9 -
Leslie McFall
(Erasmus not mentioned)


David Pawson


Joseph A. Webb - monstrous

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