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Maurice A. Robinson: Articles, Papers, Interviews, etc.
M. M. R.
Matthew Murphy Rose


New Testament Textual Criticism: The Case for Byzantine Priority, Maurice A. Robinson, TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, 2001.

Crossing Boundaries in New Testament Textual Criticism: Historical Revisionism and the Case of Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener, Maurice A. Robinson, 2002 TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism.

Rule 9, Isolated Variants, and the 'Test-Tube' Nature of the NA27/UBS4 Text: A Byzantine-Priority Perspective, 2005

The Letter and the Spirit: The evangelical scholar has no need to fear or to exclude the Holy Spirit when practicing textual criticism, Maurice Robinson, 2021 (revised).

Festschrift for Prof. Maurice Robinson on Textual issues of the New Testament, "Digging for the Truth"

David Black Interview with Maurice Robinson part 1, 2006.
Part 2

KJV Only Debate Blog Interviews Dr. Maurice Robinson parts 1, 2 & 3, 2010. Scroll all the way down to start at part 1.
Part 1 with comments
Part 2 with comments
Part 3 with comments

Abidan Shah, Episode 3: Dr. Maurice A. Robinson, 2014. An interesting audio interview.

ETC Interview with Maurice Robinson: Part 1, by Peter Gurry, 2015.
Part 2

[Dean Burgon and the Received Text, William G. Pierpont 1990]
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Whose Unholy Hands on What? (1990)
A Review Article - book by Jay Green
Maurice A. Robinson


Perspectives on the Ending of Mark - Maurice Robinson, Darrell Bock, Keith Elliott, Daniel Wallace (2008)


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