Michael Brown vs. Kermit Zarley - net radio debate 3pm EST 1/12/2010


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Hi Folks,

An Internet streaming debate of some interest.

Streams on :

3:00pm Line of Fire Dr. Michael Brown


Michael Brown

Ask Dr. Brown
Revolutionary Radio with Dr. Michael Brown

Kermit Zarley

Servetus the Evangelical


Two points of note:

1) Neither debater is likely to accept the pure Bible !

Leading to the possibility of all sorts of textual diversion confusions

"is that scripture ?"
"are we sure of the text ?"
"my translation is___"

Although, since they are both cornfused, they may simply "pretend" to know the Bible text.

2) They may or may not properly distinguish the Deity question in the debate
from the various doctrinal Trinity questions (e.g. "eternally begetting").

Michael Brown is generally a good debater, pleasant and fair, often with
Jewish anti-missionary types about Jesus being the Messiah. He is
also in the charismatic world, yet generally he successfully keeps his
topics focused on the issues involved.

Kermit Zarley you can read about a bit on the net, he recently did this little
bit with "Servetus the evangelical". (I have some doubts as to how close
he actually is to the views of Michael Servetus, he may be a bit more like
the garden variety low Christology "Biblical Unitarian".) Never heard him speak
or anything.

Generally debates determine little, other than the particular skills of the individuals,
however in some cases they can be learning experiences. I've been to a few debates,
of Michael Brown, and a few of James White, in the NYC and Long Island areas.

Steven Avery