Moule and Darlow on the English editions

Steven Avery

Historical Catalogue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society (1903)
Horace Frederick Moule and Thomas Herbert Darlow

Volume 1 is English and may reprint

An Index List of all printed editions of the English Scriptures down to 1640, in the library of the British and Foreign Bible Society




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Steven Avery


I read the Daiches book a long time ago. He was speculating on what was available to, and used by, the KJV translators. But he had no tangible evidence for any specific edition, and it's probable that the KJV translators used more than one edition. I think Stephanus published a Hebrew OT but I have never examined it nor seen any description of it. The Bible Society (I forget whether it was the American or the B&FBS) once published its catalog of its collection of printed Bibles, including Hebrew OTs, and I recall that more than 40 complete Hebrew OTs, and a great many Hebrew Pentateuchs and Psalters, as well as some polyglot Bibles, were published between Ben-Chayyim and the KJV.

I'll see if I can check the Daiches book for more precise information, it seems to have very good library access on Worldcat, I think my copy went overseas. Another superb book is:

Hebrew in the Church: The Foundations of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
Pinchas Lapide

The Ginsburg book:

Introduction to the Massoretico-critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible in 1897
Christian David Ginsburg

has a wealth of information.

Bernhard Pick has a 4-page review here:

The American Journal of Theology
Vol. 2, No. 2 (Apr., 1898), pp. 406-409 (4 pages)

Also related

Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible - 2nd edition 1867
Christian David Ginsburg


You are referencing the second volume of the 2-volume work

British and Foreign Bible Society,
Historical catalog of the printed editions of Holy Scripture, v. 2,


This next looks to be the online source, it will talk some checking to find the early Hebrew editions.

Historical catalogue of the printed editions of Holy Scripture in the library of the British and Foreign Bible Society
compiled by T.H. Darlow and H.F. Moule.
Hathi Trust

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