Odysseas Gilis on Simonides

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Odysseas Gilis (b. 1939) - born near Thessalonika

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Extracts from Gilis
Symais in 1849 and Rangavis response, the letters of credence of Anthimos, Xenophon Pappadatos and Colonel Tzami Karatassos

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Odysseas Gillis
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From Kirk from Odysseas
Not much has been written in Greek about the demonic and vicious forger of manuscripts of the 19th century, Konstantinos Simonides, only a few and conclusive ones, as if we are somehow ashamed of this imaginative forger of the nation's intellectual history. We know that he was born in Symi in 1820, that he studied the art of manuscripts on Mount Athos, that he provoked disputes among important scholars of his time by sometimes selling and sometimes giving away in France, England and Germany supposed manuscripts of Greek authors that he had copied or papyri of completely non-existent authors he had invented himself

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