Pale Moon Extensions

Steven Avery

Session Manager is very good

These browsers should have their name always visible.

Momentum, ec.


Legacy Collector

Easy Copy 2.7.0

LastPass 3.3.4 - W

Lazarus: Form Recovery 2.3.1 - ( W updates to nice)

LinkmanFox 8.0 - W

OneTab 1.9.1 - W

Open Multiple Locations 0.5.1-signed.l-signed
Adds a "File" menu option to open multiple locations at a time. More

QuickNote 0.7.6
A note taking extension with advanced features. More

Restart manager 2.04 (1.1. in W-Leg)

Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar - W

Send Tab URLs 2.3
Send a list of browser tab URLs to email or the clipboard.

Session Manager - Michael Kraft - - W - Leg

Snap Links Plus 2.4.3
Opens multiple links contained in a selected area in new tabs

Tab Flick 0.4.1 - W

Tab Mix Plus - W

Tab browsing with an added boost.

uBIock Origin 1.9.8 - Raymond Hill - W Leg
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