preterism history - Moses Stuart, Le Roy Froom, Thomas Ice,

Steven Avery

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My first question is whether Thomas Ice is giving an accurate or thorough account. Likely not. He is barely distinguishing between what we now call full preterists and "partial preterists" (which many full preterists would call futurists!)

Moses Stuart, who Ice calls the "father of American Preterism" may well give one of the best historical reviews up to the mid-1800s.

Moses Stuart on the exegesis of the Apocalypse

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A Commentary on the Apocalypse, Volume 1
Historical Sketch of the Exegesis of the Apocalypse
by Moses Stuart

It would be good to vette what he has, add to it, and then update to today. I am a bit skeptical that much is out there.
An SDA historicist, Le Roy Edwin Froom, is often used as reference and could be checked, however it might be minimally online.
The Prophetic Faith Of Our Fathers. 4 Volume Set (1946)
Le Roy Edwin Froom