question for Homestead Heritage about marriage permanence and allowing remarriage

Steven Avery

This is what could be asked of Homestead Heritage by a loving couple considering joining up.
And anybody interested in Bible, Authorized Version, truth.

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We are a couple in a covenant marriage, neither of us had an earlier marriage.

We are interested in Homestead Heritage.
We would like to know what happens in the following circumstances.

One of us is fully committed and accepts the ministry and does the baptism "vow".

The other one pulls out, feeling the ministry is false, and moves back home to family.

There does not seem to be any reconciliation on the horizon.
There may be a legal separation or divorce, but that is not really important.
Similarly, there may be children, but that does not effect the essence of the question.

Would it be correct for the spouse in Homestead to "stand" for the marriage?
Unconditionally and indefinitely.

Or might the elders, in their prayer direction, from "yahweh", counsel that, after a divorce, the one in Homestead might remarry?


Is Homestead Heritage familiar with the teachings of David Pawson (1930-2020) ?

Have they written anything on his position of marriage permanence?
Do they agree?
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Steven Avery

Note: Homestead Heritage almost surely reads this, since they watch the Homestead Heritage contacts forum.

Thus, they will have time to formulate the slipperiest answers possible.
One of their skills.

So listen carefully.
This is phrased in such a way as to eliminate loopholes.