quotes by Jerome on Byzantium, Alexandria, Palestine -Hesychius, Lucianus, Origen and Eusebius

Steven Avery

We have to be careful that quotes are really NT, not OT.

The article in general is interesting, it is hard to find the author, or the earlier sections.
The article was ripped by Ezra Abbot or Tregelles.
For this thread, we are interested in the Jerome quotes.

Boston Review - (1864)
Article III - The Greek Text in Acts xx.28: 1 Timothy, III, 16: and 1 John, v. 7, 8


Besides, we are assured by Jerome that
"Palestine adopted the text of Origen ”; while
"Alexandria adopted that of Hesychius.”
Besides, when we attempt to go back beyond these fourteen centuries, the first thing that interrupts the series is the ascendancy of the Arians for about forty years; in which period Eusebius of Csesarea made a revision of the text. We shall hereafter show how Eusebius might have let drop the celebrated text of the three witnesses. But our design now is to carry up the Byzantine text beyond that period of forty years. Jerome’s testimony helps us through the difficulty. For he says that

"the text which prevailed at Byzantium was not the one edited by Eusebius, but the one that was edited by Lucianus.”

And thus is it made clear that the Byzantine text is the one that prevailed within two hundred years of the apostles. Surely, then, that should be the[ basis of comparison in all attempts at emending the Greek text.