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Ta Biblia: toutestin he Theia Grafe tes Palaias te kai Kaines Diathekes : kai he men Palaia kata tous Hebdomekonta, ek tou os oion te akribos ekdothentos archaiou Alexandrinou cheirographou, e de Kaine ek tes kat' epikyrosin tou tes Konstantinoupoleos patriarchou Kyrillou ekdoseos etei 1810 genomenes

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Lost Keys (1996)
Jay Curry Treat

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Song of Songs in Zosima Moscow Bible - superb resources

Lost Keys by Jay Curry Treat

Song of Songs - speakers identified in the text - Jay Curry Treat, Louis Francis, Tremper Longman

summary of Sinaiticus Song of Songs rubrications and formatting from Latin and Coptic traditions

additional notes on Song of Songs rubrications and Sinaiticus late Latin features

Benjamin Harris Cowper on the Song of Songs, extensive artificial formatting, Psalms and rubrications,

healthy skepticism of 1860s scholars about Song of Solomon

Zosima 1821 Moscow Bible used as an OT Sinaiticus source

margin notes in Sinaiticus that may be h.t. from Zosima or other source

why and where do Alexandrinus and Sinaiticus have a similar vorlage? (Zosima studies)

PBF - Xenforo - Sinaiticus - ( Zosima --> Sinaiticus ) project information

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Facebook - Nick Sayers and TRA


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Manuscripts and Editions

Vetus Testamentum Graecum cum variis lectionibus - Vol 3 - (1823) Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1823.
Robert Holmes and James Parsons

Facsimile of the Codex Venetus Marcianus 474. With a preface by John Williams White
and an introduction by Thomas William Allen. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1902.

Gebhardt, Oscar von, ed. Graecus Venetus: Pentateuchi, Proverbiorum, Ruth, Cantici,
Ecclesiastae, Threnorum, Danielis versio graeco... Preface by Franz Delitzsch.
Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus, 1875.

(1709) Grabe, Joannes Emestus and William Wigan, editors. Septuaginta interpretum ...ex antiquissimo ms. Codice Alexandrino.... Volume 4. Oxford: Sheldonian Theater,

(1957) Skeat, T. C., ed., The Codex Alexandrinus (Royal Ms. 1 D. v-viii) in Reduced Photographic Facsimile. Volume 4. Old Testament: 1 Esdras-Ecclesiasticus. London: The Trustees of the British Museum, 1957.




(19xx) (2016) Veteris Testamenti Graeci: Codices Vaticanus et Sinaiticus cum Textu Recepto Nestle

Vercellone, Charles and Joseph Cozza, Bibliorum Sacrorum Grcecus Codex Vaticanus. In
6 volumes. Rome: Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, 1869-1881.

Lake, Kirsopp and Helen Lake, ed. Codex Sinaiticus: Petropolitanus Friderico-
Augustanus Lipsiensis. The Old Testament. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1922.
Mai, Angelo. Classicorum auctorum e Vaticanis codicibus editorum. Volume 9. Rome:
Typis Collegii Urbani, 1837.

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Psalms-Ecclesiasticus. London: The Trustees of the British Museum, 1883.

Rahlfs, Alfred, ed. Septuaginta: Id est Vetus Testamentum grcece iuxta LXX interpretes.
Ninth edition. Two volumes. Stuttgart: Wiirttembergische Bibelanstalt, 1971 (One-
volume edition, 1979).

Rahlfs, Alfred. Verzeichnis der griechischen Handschriften des Alien Testaments.
Mitteilungen des Septuaginta-Untemehmens der Koniglichen Gesellschaft der
Wissenschaften zu Gottingen. Band 2. Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1914.

Swete, Henry Barclay. An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek. Second edition,
revised by Richard Rusden Ottley. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1902,
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Volume 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, lsted. 1891,2nd ed. 1896,
3rd ed. 1907, reprinted 1922.

Sabatier, Pierre, ed. Bibliorum Sacrorum Latinos versiones antiques: seu vetus Italica, et
Cceterce qucecunque in Codicibus Mss. & antiquorum libris reperiri potuerunt.
Rheims: Reginald Florentain, 1743.
Vaccari, Albertus. Cantici canticorum: Vetus Latina translatio a S. Hieronymo ad
Grcecum textum hexaplarem emendata. Rome: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura,
Vaccari, Albertus. “Cantici Canticorum latine a s. Hieronymo recensiti emendatio.”
Biblica 44 (1963): 74-75.


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Major Journal and Book articles

(1856) Uspensky

(1860) Notitia editionis codicis Bibliorum Sinaitici
(1863) Bibliorum Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus

(1863) Athenaeum
(1863) Journal of Sacred Literature
(1865) Journal of Sacred Literature

(1914) De Bruyne, Donatien. Sommaires, Divisions et Rubriques de la Bible Latine. Namur: Auguste Godenne,

(1926) DeBruyne

(2001) Song of Songs
Tremper Longman

(2004) The Aramaic Targum to Song of Songs
Jay Curry Treat

(2015) “The Septuagint in Codex Sinaiticus Compared with Other Sources,”
Emanuel Tov
Textual Developments
Tov, Emanuel and Robert A. Kraft. “Septuagint.” Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible.
Supplementary Volume (Nashville: Abingdon, 1982), 807-815.

Louis Frances SINAITICUS.html

(2022) Lights and Sounds of the Song of Songs
Jay Curry Treat
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Special Scribal Analysis

Dirk Jongkind
on Singulars et al
Scribal habits of Codex sinaiticus (2007)

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Analysis of first chapter

Major variants between Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus
BCV have more differences

Song of Songs 1:10

1:17 - A is missing



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(1610c) Ainsworth - English

(1760c) John Gill Commentary

(1857) Ginsburg, Christian David. The Song of Songs: Translated from the Original Hebrew, with a Commentary, Historical and Critical. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts, 1857; reprinted, New York: KTAV, 1970.

(1869) Richard Frederick Littledale
A Commentary on the Song of Songs: From Ancient and Mediaeval Sources. London: Joseph Masters; New York: Pott and Amery,

(1875) Gebhardt

(1911) Wilmart, A. “L’Ancienne version latine du Cantique I-m,4.” Revue Benedictine 28 (1911): 11-36.

(1913) The Songs of Songs Edited as a Dramatic Peom
William Walter Cannon

(1922) Joshua Bloch - Syriac Version
p. 103
p. 139

(1970) Wilson, N. G. “Indications of Speaker in Greek Dialogue Texts.” Classical Quarterly 64 (1970): 305.

(1974) Reformation Attitudes toward Allegory and the Song of Songs (PMLA)
George L. Scheper

(1982) Pattern in the Song of Songs
Edwin C. Webster

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Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1985.

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(1995) Commentary on Song of Songs
John F. Brug

(1996) The Reception of the Church Fathers in the West
Ann E. Matter
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(2009) Exploring the Scripturesque: Jewish Texts and their Christian Contexts
Robert Alan Kraft

(2010) Multiple Originals: New Approaches to Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism
Gary D. Martin

(2011) Politics, Religion and the Song of Songs in Seventeenth-Century England
Elizabeth Clarke
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Joshua Bloch

Vemund Blomkvist

John F. Brug

Elizabeth Clarke


Joseph Dindinger

Marcia Falk

Michael V. Fox

Louis Francis

Guerard, Marie-Gabrielle, ed. and trans. Nil d' Ancyre

Juan Hernandez

Dirk Jongkind

Robert Alan Kraft

Mark James (rubrications of Psalms, look at

Tremper Longman

Gary D. Martin

Ann E. Matter

Murphy, Roland Edmund

Charles van der Pool

George L. Scheper -

Emanuel Tov

Jay Curry Treat

Joseph Vanderhayden

Edwin C. Webster
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More 1.4.5 -

p. 82 Jerusalem Israel - like Sinaiticus Alexandrinus - skip

p. 83 Z with S against everybody else

derreis -
derrris - BACV
Solomon spelled with BACV short O vs. long O - different ms. Zosimas usually long O

p, 84

te is zosimas like BSC


Zosimas agrees with BACV



Zosimas agrees with C - earlier reading
Zosimas disagrees with SA


p. 87 top

Zosimas agrees with Sinaiticus BSCV against Alex because of period colon
not of significance - due to formatting


p. 88


Zosimas agrees with Alexandrinus without the I contra BSC


p. 89

Z agrees with BA



p. 92


Zosima has Kai .. may have helped correction


p. 95 -
1:10 see Chart in Messenger

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p. 96
Zosimas agrees with BSCV



p. 97

Zosimas agrees with main group and corrected Sinaiticus


p. 103


Zosimas agrees with Alexandrinus later spelling disagrees with Sinaiticus



p. 103



p. 106


Zosimas agrees with Sinaiticus - Alexandrinus differs


p. 106

p. 108

Zos seems to agree with SA
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