Spurgeon and the Blunder Bible

Steven Avery

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This is easy to see in the Bible version discussion. There was a great fascination and interest in the Revision prospect, the Authorized Version was not appreciated in the scholastic circles, even the textual giant Dean Burgon fell down on this on occasion. As time went on, as Revision Revised demonstrated the textual shenanigans, as others began to see the whole picture clearer, precept upon precept, line upon line, it has become far easier to see the truth of the purity and perfection of the King James Bible.
An evangelist in the late 19th and early 20th century may be less accountable for a loose view of the identity of the pure Bible. Men who wrote beautiful evangelical books (e.g. David Baron and Adolph Saphir, even before the revision disaster) may have looked through a glass darkly at the identity of the pure and perfect Bible.

The history of the English Bible (1894)
Thomas Harwood Pattison

Christian Work: Illustrated Family Newspaper, Volume 62


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