the English language mastery analogy

Steven Avery

Hi Folks,

This is a single post that points out a particular issue. I had a little communication with Scott Jones (who is fluent in Greek, perhaps raised in the language) and is well aware of the pidgin Greek of today's scholars right before putting in this post. Marty likely remember the oriental fellow, it was on the Which Version forum that this took place.

Riplinger's incorrect claims in her new book

Today's translators may well be good geekocrats, that does not mean they have even a smidgen of the feel and sense and flow of a language than those who either immersed themselves in the language daily for years, reading and studying and speaking and learning and talking from the heart to one another ... and also those who were raised in the language. Both those groups trump the geekocrat 10-fold and more.

Think about English, we had an example recently, an oriental bible-corrector fellow with pidgin English was correcting our English from his Japanese scholar teacher who had scholar's English background in Japan. It was hilarious and sad .. the fella had no sense of our language at all .. yet it was coming from a skilled scholar ! Imagine somebody studying in Japan for five or ten years .. all in books and occasional stilted classroom conversation .. and then coming over here and lecturing you that you split the infinitive and terminated with the preposition and used the pluperfect instead of the past indicative. And gave you some awkward chopped up sentences and told you that only begotten wasn't really what you meant. In the meantime this fellow could not even follow your normal conversation in the supermarket or bodega. You would laugh through the highways and byways, or weep in wonder.

We have a wonderful, excellent, beautiful language. The King James Bible translators were superb masters of the art and the true science. And I will side with them every day of the week, they have proven their skill and faithfulness, used of God unto his purposes and for the needs of the common man. God's word is available today for the ploughman to read, embrace and hold to his heart, and yes.. God's word is available even to the scholar.

Tandi and Lisa Ruby put in nice posts soon after.