the fundamental Islamist contradiction on the Scriptures

Steven Avery

Textus Receptus Academy

B Michael Bigg

Muslims say the Bible - which is, or was, regarded as the word of Allah, has been corrupted.

But that just means that Allah is unable to keep his word from being corrupted ... in which case why should we trust that the Qur'an hasn't been corrupted.

Or that Allah allowed the Bible to be corrupted, in which case how do we know that he hasn't allowed the Qur'an to be corrupted.

Further, if the Bible has been corrupted, then that makes the Qur'an to be also corrupted or unreliable, because it tells the People of the Book (ie Jews and Christians) to go to the Bible to confirm Muhammed and the Qur'an ... but we can't trust that advice.


Do not use Stephen Boyce .... at all.

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