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These have been the main functions I’ve fulfilled in the literature ministry, to the extent that I have fulfilled them. I have not fulfilled an authorial role at all in the sense of originating any of the literature. It’s all come forth according to the revelation, vision and direction that God has given Brother Blair. I know that over the years my name has appeared as a co-author of much of the literature; it’s an author’s prerogative to list anyone assoicated with him in helping him to write a book in any way that he wants to. But it's now becoming inescapably clear, given the nature of this literature and the importance of clearly specifying the authority that has truly authored it in God, that my name should be removed from any place of co authorship.

I know that over the years I’ve recognized Brother Blair’s primary role in bringing forth the literature, but because of my pride and deluded self-image. I’ve allowed a vagueness and ambiguity to seep into my vision concerning my contribution to the literature. Through this vagueness, I’ve allowed myself to inflate my view of my own importance. I’ve seen this before over the years, but I’ve never really put the pride to death and certainly have never kept it killed. I’ve never fully taken to heart these words that God has spoken to me from Jeremiah 45:

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