the Tischendorf coincidence of Vaticanus and Sinaticus and Rome papacy jesuits

Steven Avery

Stephan Huller

It just seems to me to be utterly incredible that Tischendorf is allowed to see Vaticanus for the first time since it was reacquired by the Vatican and then a few months later stumbles upon the papers at Sinai which ultimately lead him to another one of a kind codex with many shared features with Vaticanus.


The interesting thing then is that this is becomes one of the most incredible examples of synchronicity I have ever witnessed Sinaiticus is certainly a poor copy of Vaticanus on many respects. A man, Tischendorf, is allowed to see Vaticanus previously hidden from the view of outsiders and then a year later uncovers an ancient copy previously unseen in the Monastery of St Catherines in Sinai. This alone is a much more incredible coincidence than Morton Smith having published a review of a study of the Gospel of Mark and then discovering a letter which makes reference to a previously unknown Alexandrian version of Mark. Perhaps stranger things have happened in the history of the world, but you'd think this alone would convince someone to at least test the ink. The voices which claim to Theodore is a fake demand this with a far less amazing set of coincidences.
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