three crosses note - comparing Tisch 1846 - Tisch-Short 1850 - Gregory 1869 & on - Myers Malik et al

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Best urls to Sinaiticus pics (also Tisch-pic)

Trying to unravel the Tischendorf three crosses note - what did he really say in first person writings?

Tischendorf 1846 - main thread has Latin translated on post #8
three crosses note - 7th century? - scribal mess noticed 300 years after production?

tracing Tischendorf on the three crosses note and colophons from 1846 to 1865

Short gives a special Tischendorf section into English
(Short (translation of Tischendorf LXX 1850 )
three crosses note explained by Tischendorf in his 1850 LXX book, translated by Charles Short
But how it happened that the same correctors did not even touch the first four leaves of the books of Chronicles, though the note testifies that these books were contained in the copy of Pamphilus, may be learned from what is found written by the third hand at the bottom of the fourth leaf, with the sign of a triple cross affixed. This is as follows: …….
It is thus testified that these four leaves, along with three others long since destroyed, were not so much inserted in the codex in an improper place, as introduced by mistake on the part of the copyist and perhaps twice written on. It was for this reason, I think, they were passed over by the reviser. …

how did Tischendorf date the correctors - including three crosses note (Myers, Malik, Penner, Myshrall)
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twofold signification of the three crosses note - Wright and Simonides - David W. Daniels analysis

the script of Simonides - the 'three crosses' note

private - the modus operandi of cons - Simonides and the three crosses note

private - three crosses note - scholar summary conclusion - ogival script

not one Sinaiticus scholar mentioned the absurdity of the Three Crosses Note being written c. 300 years after the manuscript!!!!
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