20,000 OT textual changes from the Kittel edition?

Steven Avery

Here is an example of information that is a total mess. Often Ken Matto is good, this just happened to be what was posted the other day on a Facebook forum.

Lineage of the Modern Corrupt Versions
Ken Matto

Lineage of the Modern Corrupt Versions
Compiled by Dr. Ken Matto updated 12/23/10

The false bibles use Rudolph Kittel’s Biblia Hebraica for the Old Testament. The King James uses the 1524-25 Bomberg edition of the Masoretic Text known as the Ben Chayyim text. There were two editions of Biblia Hebraica in 1906 and 1913. In the third edition, changes took place, 20,000 to be exact from the Ben Chayyim text, when the editors incorporated the readings of the Leningrad Codex (circa 1008 A.D. and believed to be written in Egypt) in his 1937 edition (completed by Albrecht Alt and Otto Esselte - Stuttgart, 1937), and it is also used in the 1977 edition of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Their text was the Ben Asher text which they exchanged from the Ben Chayyim text and it contained the readings of a few minor Hebrew manuscripts.
There were footnote changes, which are not textual changes. I will try to document this AV defender myth later. The AV defenders are often using these 20,000 and 30,000 figures, with a wide variance in the accuracy of how it is reported. Ken Matto here has just about the worst possible claim, that there were 20,000 changes to the text. Hopefully, he will fix it shortly, it is possible that it has never been questioned.

The number of textual changes were small. In fact, the Ben Hayim had major errors on two important variants. Psalm 22:16 and Joshua 21:36-37.

And it is another AV myth to say that the learned men of 1611 simply used the Ben Hayim. They had a wide variety of Masoretic Bible editions, as well as auxiliary supports from Hebraic sources and versional languages.