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Jesus Discovered in Dead Sea Scrolls (2016)
Simcha Jacobovici

Jesus Discovered in Dead Sea Scrolls (2016) -TV
Simcha Jacobovici

Simcha Jacobovici finding references to Jesus in Dead Sea Scrolls (2016)
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Jesus in the Qumran Scrolls


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Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls - 181 pages
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Simcha Jacobovici sees Jesus where there is no Jesus (again): This time in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Deane Galbraith
I’ve been following Simcha for a while and what I have noticed is that there is a hard-core of anti-Simcha bloggers that pretend to be academic, but have an agenda. This blog falls into this genre. Simcha claims to have “discovered” the connection to Jesus in this Dead Sea Scrolls fragment. As far as I can tell, no one else has done that. Also, he is relying on authoritative translations. The word “cross” is Puech’s translation. So is the translation of “nail”. Puech also translates “Yonah” as “dove” but then he admits on camera that he misstranslated the word on purpose as “agitator” because “dove” was too close to Jesus. As for dating the text, no carbon 14 has been done on it and dating based on writing style is not a very accurate method, especially since all scholars agree that some of these texts date to the first century. Besides, on paleographic grounds, Dr. Robert Deutsch dates this fragment to the first century. So it seems to me, that while some people accuse Simcha of seeing Jesus everywhere, there is a crowd that wants to see Jesus nowhere. That’s why anything that is found that may be referring to Jesus is dated either too early, or too late. I think Simcha has made a very good point that there is a group of you that are afraid of the historical Jesus because he may contradict your theological Jesus.

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Simcha Jacobovici sees Jesus where there is no Jesus (again): This time in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Richard Bauckham 29 Mar 2016
He claims “dove” was an early Christian symbol of Jesus, In the baptism story is symbolizes the Spirit, not Jesus. I’m not aware that it is used as a symbol anywhere else.

Biblical Studies Carnival CXXII (March 2016)
NT Wrong
TV journalist Simcha Jacobovici (The Times of Israel blog) claims to have found Jesus again. This follows Simcha’s earlier cases of Jesus Pareidolia. Simcha has earlier claimed that he found Jesus in a Jerusalem tomb… which didn’t belong to Jesus. Simcha has also claimed to have seen a Jesus-fish engraved on a burial box… which is clearly really an engraved vase. Simcha has, further, claimed to have the nails which were used to crucify Jesus… which were ordinary ancient nails. Simcha has, in another case, claimed to find a hidden allegory to Jesus and his wife in a “Lost Gospel”… but which turned out to be a completely different story (Joseph and Aseneth) which was neither “lost” nor a “Gospel”. This time around, Simcha claims to have seen Jesus in a Dead Sea Scroll (4Q541). But as Deane Galbraith (Remnant of Giants) points out, the possible mention of crucifixion in 4Q541 is not a “new” “discovery”; 4Q541 is not a text which “explicitly” mentions Jesus (whose name does not appear); interpretation of the fragmentary 4Q541 does not involve a cover-up by scholars but a highly ambiguous and uncertain text; and 4Q541 is not a text that was written after Jesus was alive, but 100-150 years before Jesus. Simcha should consider leaving things to the experts, instead of peddling crap theories for crap TV programs.


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