Acts 20:28 - to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

Steven Avery


Steven Avery


moses Stuart

Robert Grace

Macbride - Diatessaron
Complutensian Polyglot has Lord and God

Samuel Clarke

john Wilson
Rosenmuller quote and Stuart

Boothroyd for Lotd and God



orthodox catechism - Lord and God

Horne - *

Porter **

wakefield before Hort

john Pye smith
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Steven Avery

Charles Edward Hammond (1876)
These three variants then may be dismissed as conflate
readings, which really only testify to the existence of a doubt
in early times between the claims of the two remaining
important readings, 6«>G and Kvpiov. Between these the


Steven Avery

Encounters with a Radical Erasmus: Erasmus' Work as a Source of Radical Thought in Early Modern Europe (2009)
Peter G. Bietenholz


Steven Avery


This beautiful verse:

Acts 20:28 (AV)
Take heed therefore unto yourselves,
and to all the flock,
over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers,
to feed the church of God,
which he hath purchased with his own blood.

Is generally known to be a conflation in the Byzantine majority reading,
"church of the Lord and God"

(There is also a reading "church of the Lord" which contributed to the conflation.)

Have you looked at the discussions and apparatus?
Do you disagree?

"obviously conflate"
Bruce Metzger (1994)
A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament (Second Edition)
A Companion Volume to the United Bible Societies’ Greek New Testament Fourth Revised Edition

NETBible - Daniel Wallace
while the majority of the later minuscule mss conflate these two into “of the Lord and God”

Were Bruce Metzger and Daniel Wallace also involved in this conspiracy theory? :)