All in One - DSS, Solomon Zeitlin, Victor Mair and Neil Altman, papyri forgeries, and the Shapira papyri

Steven Avery


Recently, I have been studying some theories on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Solomon Zeitlin (1892-1976) argued against authenticity and some of his arguments were very interesting, and Victor H Mair (b. 1943) analyzed Chinese symbols in the DSS, starting in August 1990, the reporter has been Neil Altman.

The Moses Wilhelm Shapira (1830-1884) papri have also been in the news, with special attention given by Ross K. Nichols.

Another area of interest are papyri forgeries, especially the Bodmer, e.g. James David Audlin has a paper on P66 that is in

Steven Avery

There are additional Papyri theories, Cooper went into Bodmer I believe.

Plus there may be current follow-up to Zeitlin.

Plus Tabor and others may be involved with Shapira.

Dennis Mizzi as well.