amended Authorize Versions - attempts to improve

Steven Avery


Christopher Yetzer
1. Wesley’s New Testament (NT) by John Wesley 1790
2. Webster Bible by Noah Webster 1833
3. Cambridge Paragraph Bible by Scrivener 1873
4. Letchworth Version in Modern English by Thomas and Ralph Ford 1948
5. Dartmouth Bible by Roy Bullard Chamberlin and Herman Feldman 1961
6. The Clarified King James Version by Jay Green 1958
7. The Children’s King James Bible (NT) by Jay Green 1960
8. The Teen-Age Version (NT) by Jay Green 1962
9. The Modern King James Version by Jay Green 1962 (revised 1990 and 1999)
10. The Living Scriptures: A New Translation in the King James Version Tradition (NT) by The National Foundation for Christian Education 1966
11. King James II (also called A Literal Translation of the Bible) by Jay Green 1971
12. Twentieth Century Edition KJV by Jay Green 1972
13. New King James Version by Thomas Nelson 1982
14. King James 3 Version of the Holy Bible by Jay Green 1985
15. 21st Century King James Version by William Prindle 1994
16. Restored King James Version Basic English by Selwyn Russel 1995-2009-2012(?)
17. Restored King James Version Plain English by Selwyn Russel 1995-2009-2012(?)
18. The Holy Name Bible by Scripture Research Association date unknown
19. Restored Names King James Version date unknown
20. Third Millennium Bible by Deuel Enterprises 1998
21. The American King James Version by Michael Peter Engelbrite 1999
22. King James 2000 by Robert A. Couric 1999
23. Updated King James Version unknown/unknown
24. Holy Scriptures in English by Rabon Vincent Jr. 2001-2011
25. King James Version Easy Reading by GEM publishing 2001
26. Comfort-able King James Version (also called Way of the Master Evidence Bible) by Ray Comfort 2003
27. New Cambridge Paragraph Bible by Norton 2005
28. New Authorized Version Present-Day English (NT & prt. OT) 2006
29. Authorized Version Update (NT) 2006
30. Mickelson Clarified Translation (NT) by Jonathan Mickelson 2008-2019
31. King James, Clarified New Testament (NT) by Bill McGinnis 2010
32. Divine Name King James Bible by Jack Davidson 2011
33. Simplified King James Version (Gospel of John) by Luff 2013(?)
34. Modern English Version by Military Bible Association 2014
35. King James Bible for Catholics by John Covert and Walsingham Publishing 2014-2020(?)
36. King James Bible for Today (NT) by James Cox 2015
37. King James Version 2016 (NT) by Nick Sayers 2016
38. King James Version Easy Reader by Whitaker House 2017
39. King James Version – Corrected Edition by Shaun Kennedy 2020
40. Simplified King James Version by Barbour (Peachtree) 2022
41. The Holy Scriptures Bible Society 2023 update led by Joseph Johnsen.