Dear Steven
Greetings in Christ JESUS

For some time now I have been posting messages on an Anglican site, as follows - :

In my posts I transcribe verses from the KJV version. Having quoted 1John 5:v.7KJV , a brother replied saying that the literal verse "There are three that bear record in heaven..." "is not part of the Bible". I replied and said it is biblical yes.

Another brother joined the discussion and said also that what I posted is not part of the Bible, I refuted him, and he rebuked me saying: "The weight of contemporary scholarship would render the text of 1 John 5:7 "There are three that testify". In that context I understood the point @Invictus was making and tried, clearly vainly, to bring that to your attention". From this reply began a historical discussion among the own Anglicans, and I am not able to define which among them is the most correct in the historical statements of biblical texts. Then I felt that the only person capable of resolving doubts among them would be you Steven. Honestly, I would like to see you exchange biblical knowledgement with them, they are not experts like you in this area. I'm sure you is able to help them to know and understand what is the more truer among the versions they are discussing or even what version is the more purebible.

Feel free to decline my request, Steven, but if you have a time take a look in the thread ; Again , here is the link:

Thank you

God blesses