Asahel Adams ignorantly attacks the heavenly witnesses verse at the 2022 Exodus Conference

Steven Avery

This is the starting point 52:20

Asahel Adams
Johannine Comma - Erasmus Wager - Johannine Comma

Howard Wheeler
Well, it is in there (maybe he means the Trinity)

Here is what I will say. While the Majority Text is an authoritative text. Go look in your Bible, your New King James, and it will have a note, at least in my Nelson that says, 1 John 5:7 it will say "this phrasing does not appear in any manuscript prior to the 1500s." I got news for you. I'm not interested in anything added after the 1500s. But those that include it, declare that to me about it, that's all I need to know. And I don't necessarily need to speculate about how Erasmus decided to put it in there on a barroom wager and all of that. There is a story about it, and that story did not originate with those people who disagree with the doctrine, that originated with people of the same theology as Erasmus.

And I guarantee you, if that had of been in the Bible, Origen would have quoted it, Gregory of Nyssa would have quoted it, Clement of Alexandria would have quoted it, they would have grabbed hold of that with an iron grip, and you know, Augustine's ... said that the Trinity is a very dangerous doctrine. He said, if you don't believe it you will lose your soul, and if you try to understand it, you will lose your mind.
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Steven Avery

The NKJV note says
"NU, M omit the words from in heaven (v. 7) through on earth (v. 8). Only 4 or 5 very late mss. contain these words in Greek."
Very deceptive with the evidences, but at least the mss. is qualified to Greek
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Steven Avery

Evidences before the 1500s are wide and deep.

Cyprian - 250 AD

Potamius (four references in two letters, one to Athanasius) - earlier I had four letters, now corrected.

Jerome - c. 400 AD Vulgate Prologue explains tendency to drop the verse

Council of Carthage - 484 AD - hundreds of orthodox bishops affirm the verse

Disputation of Athanasius to an Arian at Nicea (Greek)

solecism in short Greek text

And tons more.
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