August Tholuck on Jehovah

Steven Avery

Please allow that this is a sketchy outline. However it can be a good jumping off point for research, and part of seeing what happened in the 1800s Tetragram apostasy. Tholuck makes some good points. We are starting with the Facebook post:

And improving.

"On the Hypothesis of the Egyptian or Indian Origin of the Name Jehovah" (1834)
August Tholuck

p. 96 the references to Macrobius and Porphyry.

p. 99 to 2nd century syncretismus.

p. 100 the description of the meaning and the Revelation verses, which matches with Nehemia Gordon

p. 102 (continuing from p. 96) it looks like the Egyptians have an idea of seven Greek vowels, that really do give Jehovah (or exceedingly close). Granted this has an interpretative or speculative element, and this is seen by Tholuck as c. 2nd century. If this is correct it is antiquity support for Jehovah.

The American Indian issues are on p. 103-104 footnote.

On p. 105 begins the speculation about Jehovah and Jovis. On p. 106 you see Tholuck toying with the decrepit Jahvoh rather than Jehovah when discussing the possible Jovis connection!

However, since Yahweh does not really yet exist in scholarship as accepted Tholuck misses the direct vocalization equivalent of Jove and Yahweh.

Vocalization completely the same is far more signiificant than proposed etymological meanderings based on partial similarities in part of a word (always very dicey, prone to etymological fallacy.)

This was very close to when Gesenius was first pushing yahweh, but note that the faux pagan name yahweh is nowhere in the Tholuck article, and that is the one that shows us Jove=Yahweh.

Which really began with Gesenius, his page shown here by Nehemia

More Gesenius details are in the "Have you been Praying to Jupiter" tape.

Yes, this stuff can be a little tricky, and some of it needs follow-up (e.g. the Macrobius and Porphyry sections) but I want to show you that you can get a picture even from such an article from Tholuck. (Granted, that is one of the better ones of the time, even with Tholuck not accepting and defending the true name.)

My little bit of Hebrew background does help, some of you have Greek background, the most important thing is simply to read carefully, good material, asking the Lord Jesus for direction and understanding.