Benedetto Giustiniani - Oecumenius reference - personification (and Lausberg German ref)

Steven Avery

Benedetto Giustiniani, - (1554-1621)

BCEME - p. 83
Giustiniani 1621, 230 (the commentary on each of the letters is paginated separately). Giustiniani may be referring to the reading and note in Oecumenius 1545, 216r, whom he mentions at the beginning of the note.

Giustiniani, Benedetto. In omnes canonicas Epistolas Explanationes. Lyon: Cavellat, 1621.

Here you can get a sense of the excellence of the pages from Giustiniani.

RGA p. 147 is almost identical and includes a Latin paragraph.



Grantley ignores most of the two pages.
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Steven Avery

Grammar Note:

On RGA p. 17, Giustiniani is mentioned in the context of personification of the earthly witnesses.


Note also the Lausberg reference.

Lausberg, Heinrich. Handbuch der literarischen Rhetorik. 2 vols. Stuttgart: Steiner, 1960.

We can be skeptical that Lausberg actually has anything that supports personification of spirit, water and blood.