Catch-22 - if Homestead is apostatized you must confirm that with Homestead members in good standing!

Steven Avery

This is a post on Youtube.
And I plan to bring it over shortly. (Hotel Windows puter has youtube in restricted mode.)

It shows how Homestead Heritage plays its members and potential recruits.
Plays them for fools.

Steven Avery

Homestead Heritage's Definition of Baptism and Communion Part 3 | Whose Word Matters?
Chained Ambassador

Steven Avery comment:

An incredible Catch-22!

“God ... declare to me that this church has apostatized and spiritually died”

(E.g. learning that Homestead Heritage worships Yahweh/Jupiter and the gibberish Yahshua.)

Must be confirmed by multiple witnesses in good standing with the apostatized church!

Anyone who agrees to this has checked their brains at the door!

“a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.”
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