Chained Ambassador

Steven Avery


Hi Chained and friends , To a large extent you have made your point on the videos so far. Whether you make more, stop totally, or take a break is up to you. Keep in mind that you will get a lot of flak. When I was defending Homestead Heritage in public forums, starting with the old FactNet, and later there was Topix (both gone now) Gary Linzer would call me up and try to steer my approach, and speak negatively of Homestead critics. And I largely ignored Gary and Howard, but it shows you that sometimes you might have puppets on a string critiquing you :). Now I am not your big fan, I think some of your criticism is ill-founded. Some, like the Ghandi video, is more substantive. And I commented on the Blair Adams memorial vid so I will not repeat that here. While us early days folks have wonderful memories and appreciation for Blair's life, vision and dedication, there is no reason we should hold back in sharing where he erred. And I have a lonnnng history with what is now Homestead Heritage. Including special studies and discussions with Joel Stein on issues like the pure Bible text and Jehovah or Yahweh. And I host a Facebook forum called Homestead Heritage Contacts. We are not there to attack Homestead at all, but we do appreciate good analysis. Many of the former members are a little burnt out, the younger ones have often departed from Christianity (they really get an oddball approach to the faith, I remember one family immediately fell into Sacred Name nonsense) and the earlier generation often have moved on, and do very limited digging as to Homestead Heritage pluses and minuses. It is an unusual dynamic. Those who signed 50 documents, and gave all sorts of vows of submission to the ministry, may feel they are in a pickle now being outside. Anyway, I appreciate a lot of the back-and-forth that your vids have stimulated. In terms of Christian community, Homestead Heritage is a major force. The cultish Twelve Tribes have some similarities, but they will not even use the name of Jesus! The vision has born fruit from the seventies, however there are some cracks in the foundation. Blessings and grace in Jesus name, Steven Avery Spencer, Dutchess County, NY