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Hi all. I'm wondering if I could get some feedback/input on a little chart I'm creating about the history of the Nestle-Aland editions. Here is a screenshot (hopefully good enough quality). It's based heavily on Greg Paulson and Florian Voss' 2019 SBL presentations.
My main goals are to show: (1) the 26th edition in 1979 was a landmark change and was when Nestle's editions truly became a "critical" edition. All the previous editions were his compiling the scholarship of others into an affordable hand edition. With Aland's help, the 26th edition was based on first-hand examination of MSS. The fact that we say Nestle-Aland *28* could be misleading; really only NA26, NA27, and NA28 are truly "critical" editions.
(2) Outside of the 33 textual changes in the Catholic Letters, the NA27 and NA28 made no textual changes to NA26. So, if we only use NA28 and ignore the apparatus (as plenty of users of the NA28 do) -- then we are really using the NA26 text from 1979, a text that is 40+ years old.
(3) The next landmark change will be when the ECM is complete and makes its away into NA30 or NA31 or whatever edition it is at that time. The ECM is supposed to finish near 2030, right?


Then I add some comments including John 1:18 in the RV