Chromatius 4th century powerful and direct quoting and commentary

Steven Avery

Jan 8, 2016

Mike Ferrando found the full text of Chromatius, which is far stronger than the conclusion extract (from the same spot) we had earlier and that I had published in the textualcriticism and WhichVersion forums on Yahoogroups at then end of 2007 and beginning of 2008.

That very limited extract, from a book reference that omitted Chromatius actually quoting the verses, weakened the reference to an allusion. And had been used in the James Snapp paper.

In the Robert McEachnie paper the text is on p. 235 and the translation note is on p. 226.

Dr. Robert McEachnie
UNC - Charlotte

Constructing Christian Community: The Sermons of Chromatius of Aquileia, 388-407, by Robert McEachnie.

A Dissertation presented to the Graduate School of the University of Florida in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
University of Florida - 2013

1 Unless otherwise noted the text used for these translations was from: Chromatii Aquileiensis Opera, eds. and trans. Raymond Etaix and Joseph Lemarie, CCSL, 9A (Tumholti: Brepols, 1974), All translations (and any errors) are my own..

Chromatius, Sermons. Ed. Joseph Lemarie. SC Vols. 154 and 164. Paris: Les Editions du Cerf, 1969-1971.

7. Finally, the Ethiopian eunuch was also found to be a dove in the present reading, as you, dearly beloved, heard. He had come to Jerusalem and, returning, he was sitting in his chariot, reading the prophecy of Isaiah when the Spirit said to Phillip, "Go near and stand by the chariot." And he went and stood near, and Phillip said to him: "Do you think you understand what you are reading?" And the eunuch said: "How can I understand, if there is no one to explain the scriptures to me?" And when Phillip sat with him, he explained the prophecy of scripture that he had read, showing and indicating the Lord Jesus Christ. And when Phillip had explained this to him, at once the Eunuch believed him and said to Phillip: "Here is water; what is there which prevents me from being baptized?" Phillip said to him: "If you believe, you may.” And he said: “I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And they descended into the water, and Phillip baptized him."

8. Therefore, this eunuch was chosen as a dove, but Simon the magician was rejected as a raven. This is because one believed with his all his heart and all his faith, but the other came doubtful in spirit and full of treachery. For this reason, the one was received, the other rejected. One esteemed, one damned. Therefore, since we have been called to the knowledge of God, to the grace of Christ, with all our heart and all our faith we ought to believe in Christ in order that we will not be rejected with those full of doubt and impiety, but merit to be received with the saints and elect of God into future glory by Christ the Lord. Amen.

Thanks, Mike!


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