CSP encouragements to ongoing study

Steven Avery

Encouraging more study

It is the intention of the conservators to continue the analysis of the parchment features. It is hoped that with the availability of all the documentation data, it can then be used to compare the differences in folios across all holding sites and to help draw some further conclusions ...
  • Investigations on Codex Sinaiticus inks are ongoing, and more information is still to be discovered. It is hoped that it will be possible in the future to carry out scientific analysis using non-invasive in situ techniques, in order to confirm or modify current observations and theories.
In order to have a better understanding about the manuscript's very complex and rich use (possible storage and its separated parts or unbound) a more accurate mapping of the stains could be extremely useful


Currently there is no answer to all these questions. It is hoped that future scientific analysis may help us to understand more fully the many issues related to Codex Sinaiticus
Created originally as a spreadsheet to aid search and analyse the information more easily, the information has since been transposed onto each digitised leaf on the website for future researchers to interrogate and interpret.
… Gavin Moorhead, who was one of the conservators who worked on the project. He mentioned that initially there were plans to do a detailed study of the colour variance between parchment leaves, but for reasons of time and finances this was not followed through on, and instead the information was put up on the Sinaiticus website in the hope that researchers might be able to make some use of it. - Cillian O'Hogan, British Library, 3/13/2014 email
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