CSP image specialist skills

Steven Avery


Since a common theme of those taking a debunking position is that the English and Leipzig photographers were simply bungling incompetents, this thread will show some of the skills and talents and special discipline that was involved.

We will also seek to document the posts from the writers who have tried the incompetent photography theme, including James E. Snapp, Jr. and Jacob Peterson, and where they have been in discussion with Mark Michie and Steven Avery.


"The material is challenging and the project calls for the highest-quality reproduction. We are consulting with conservators and curators on issues specific to this manuscript, for instance a lot of the text is faded and there are faint notations along the borders, between passages and in the gutter. Some of the pages have been mended or have tiny punctures used for aligning the columns. All of this detail is relevant to scholarly study and must be available in the reproduction. These considerations inform our choices for capture resolution, lens, necessary depth of field, style of lighting, and type of backing material," said Remington. "It is important that all technical aspects of the digital capture and image processing be given careful consideration. We are employing a color-managed work flow - a process that is used to maintain exacting color reproduction from capture, to print, to distribution on the Web.
David Remington
Harvard Library
Manager, Digital Imaging and Photography Services

From Vellum to Pixels